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Elk creek cafe

Elk Creek Cafe & Ale works as a restaurant, brewpub, and music venue - something for anyone who visits.  Locally rooted in Millheim, Elk Creek cafe proudly smokes meats and provides free TV; allowing anyone to connect with people, and the colorful music. There are dozens of local food farmers, all dedicated to severing only the freshest ingredients, ensuring only the very best quality.

The restaurant serves two menus: a brunch menu and a lunch/dinner menu. For brunch, they serve farm fresh scrambled eggs with sides of bacon, sausage, and ham, along with Elk Creek Breakfast Burrito and Daily Special Pancakes. For lunch, they serve the Elk Creek House Salad, Beer Battered Fish and Chips, and Hummus Tortillas. For dinner, they have the tasty Poutine Burger, Hummus Platters, El Hefe Nachos, and Vegan and Gluten-Free options. Elk Creek Cafe is famous for its selection of ales.  They provide on-site brewed ales such as the Poe Paddy Porter, Winkleblink, Elk Cree Copper Ale, and the Brookie Brown. If you can't make a drink decision, Elk Creek allows you to order a sample of all 9 beers.

With live music on Thursdays and the weekends, Elk Creek provides an inclusive enviornment for all those who visit. The cafe has events for everyone!  From the Pub Hangouts and Dance Parties with local DJ's, to the River songs, locals and visitors alike cannot get enough of Elk Creek Cafe. 

Elk Creek is ranked the #1 best restaurant in Milliheim PA.  Because of their popularity, Elk Creek takes reservations.  With amazing food, and some of the best music that you can find in the North-East United States, it's hard not to
 love the friendly atmosphere and service at the Elk Creek Cafe & Ale works.  Don't miss the opportunity to see why everyone loves the Elk Creek Cafe so much.!